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English # 1 - Grammar / Present Continuous

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Afirmative Form of Present tense
Forma afirmativa no tempo presente

I am (I'm) moving 
You / We / They are ('re) moving 
She / He / It - is, ('s) moving 

Negative Form

Forma negativa

am not (I'm not) studying 
You / We / They are not (aren't) studying 
She / He / It - is not, (isn't) studying 

Interrogative Form / Questions.

Forma Interrogativa / Perguntas.

Am I going? - Yes, I am / No, I am not (I'm not).
Are You / We / They -  waiting? - Yes, they are / No, they are not (aren't).
Is She / He / It - singing? - Yes, She does / No, She does not (doesn't).

Rulles of spelling

When the verbs ending in one wowel and a consonant add another last letter to de word:
Sit - sitting, get - getting, put - putting
When the verb ending in wowel like "e" add "ing" at the word:
Like - liking, write - writting, take - taking.
When verbs ending in "ie" change to "y" at the word
Lie - lying, die - dying.

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